As a parishioner and supporter of Christ the Redeemer Maronite Catholic Parish of The Hills, you’ve experienced first hand the sense of belonging of our Community. The significant growth over the past years has seen our parish flourish as a congregation with warmth, fellowship and connection. It has also seen us together purchase our Parish land at 669 Old Northern Rd, Round Corner Dural and our Development application approved so that we can build our Community Home.

There are various ways to donate to our Parish and the Community Property Project and each contribution is valued and appreciated to help continue to grow and move forward together as a Parish.

Christ the Redeemer

CTR Operations Account

This account directly covers all Parish Operational Expenses that are need for the running of the Parish and its services.

CTR Building Fund

Your contribution to this account will directly deposit money into the Parish Building Fund that works towards funding all building projects.

Planned Giving Program

This monthly contribution to the Parish will help build our Christ the Redeemer Maronite Catholic Church in The Hills and help our Parish provide a place where we can come together in Faith, Truth and Love under Jesus Christ our Redeemer.

Christ the Redeemer Parish - Corporate Advertising Packages

First Fruits Corporate Program (tax deductible)

Become a CTR First Fruits Corporate member and your monthly contribution will endorse the Parish in all CTR major events and will help build our Christ the Redeemer Maronite Catholic Church in The Hills.

Hills Sanctuary House Limited

Hills Sanctuary House Limited (HSH) (tax deductible)

The Hills Sanctuary House Limited (HSH) was established as an endorsed charitable institution and entered into a lease with the Parish for use of facilities on the Parish property of 669 Old Northern Road, Round Corner Dural. HSH offers gatherings workshops and counselling services to its members to prevent social isolation and mental health issues. HSH achieves this by operating a Community Shed where people who are:

  • Suffering from, or at risk of suffering from, mental illness; and
  • Socially isolated or are at risk of being socially isolated can congregate.

For more information about HSH and how to contribute please visit