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We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view; wherever they are in the world.

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    Peter – Alpha Testimonial

    To be honest I wasn’t interested in Alpha, I had heard about it and thought to myself that my life was fine – what more then going to Church on a Sunday could Alpha do for me and of course I was busy.

    However Monsignor Shora kept asking me to do Alpha and of course I kept avoiding it, I was quickly running out of excuses so I suggested to Mons that it would be a good idea for Teresa to do Alpha and he agreed………….this bought me some more time but not for long.

    Of course Mons. didn’t give up on me, eventually I gave in and thought I’d just do it so he would stop asking.

    I struggled for the first few weeks to fit in as I was treating the course as just ticking a box. A good friend of mine asked me how I was finding Alpha………………I told him that I really struggled at Dinner time as I didn’t know many of the people and found it hard to conversate. His reaction to that was…… in his words…………..’the problem is you think you are better then everyone, you don’t understand everyone is there for the same reason’. I took offence to this – so I set myself the task of sitting at the most crowded table and making conversations with all at the table.

    This worked and I started to enjoy my Alpha journey, it helped me to realise that we all had a story to be told.

    I didn’t really understand the meaning of Alpha until around week 8 when things in my life started to change. We get older……our children get older…… we get older our problems become bigger and our children’s problems are ours to help them deal with.

    We have problems that we want to shelter our children from.

    It’s not easy to explain to your children that there are people out there that take great pride in trying to upset other people’s lives.

    We are role models for our children, they don’t listen as much as they used to and we start to notice that they follow what we do not what we say… matter if it’s good or not so good.

    As a Father we are meant to be strong, resilient, tuff and we don’t want to let our children down. We tend to hide a lot of what’s going on in our lives and we try to put on a brave face. A Father’s instinct is to suffer in silence do as to not worry our families.

    This of course comes at a cost and you can’t hide it forever, the worry and anxiety eventually gets the better of you.

    Alpha taught me to hand all of my worries and concerns over to God, it got to the stage in our lives where I had to surrender to God as I had no other option. I learnt to trust the Holy Spirit no matter what was happening in our lives.

    I stand here today to tell you that it works, I promise you that it works. I will admit to you that I didn’t feel a rush of wind or shivers down my spine when I was prayed over. However I did feel Peace……a peace that I had never felt before. I had watched the Alpha videos where people had said that God had spoken to them and I thought wow that must be great, why doesn’t he talk to me………….Alpha made me realise that God has been speaking to me all of my life I just didn’t know how to listen to him.

    Amelia- Alpha Teens Testimonial

    I’d like to begin by highlighting that walking through the doors of Alpha on your alone can be a daunting experience if you don’t know what you’re in for. When I initially stepped in, the first person I saw was Honi, who was extremely friendly and made me feel right at home. It is a judge-free environment, and it has really aided me in improving my religious well-being as well as trying to meet new people and make new friends, and wow did I make new friends, I met a family, whom I trust, and have opened up to about life’s and religious challenges. The Alpha retreat was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever encountered. George, David, and Honi were really helpful and consoling, and they gave the best advice when it came to coping with difficult situations in your life from a spiritual standpoint, and I will be forever grateful.

    You may be asked, “Who is Jesus?” “Why and How Do I Pray?” “How Does God Guide Us?” and “What Does the Holy Spirit Do?”

    And these make you think about your faith, which in my case got me quite close to it.

    This course is the only thing that makes me happy on Mondays. This is my second time doing alpha, and this time I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my mum and sister along, who thoroughly loved it. Even though I’ve watched the same films since the last time I did alpha, I still learn something new every time. It’s full of experience, and the videos are full of eye openers.

    I do have lots of love for this course and the people there, so I will be back again and I hope to see more new faces and more teens next time. God Bless you all.